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Welcome to the Electric Basecamp


I am Greg Gonzalez and this is my website. I've been threatening to make one of these for years and I finally got around to it. I am an Austin-based musician, bass-player, producer, DJ and educator but that is not the whole of it. I wear a lot of hats, as they say, and with 25+ years of experience let's just say I've seen a few things...

I've co-founded numerous successful bands including Grupo Fantasma, Brownout and Money Chicha and performed functions such as tour management, band management, booking, promotion, marketing, social media management, graphic design and merchandising within these businesses. As a longtime member of the Austin music community I was selected to be a cultural ambassador for the city of Austin in 2019 and have worked on numerous grant-funded cultural exchange programs. I have also been a speaker or panelist at the University of Texas Austin, New York university, Music Mela (Islamabad), Ural Music Nights (Ykaterinberg, RF) and guest on numerous radio programs and podcasts.

I have been active as an educator since 2011. I started teaching as part of Cine Las Americas Beatlab program, teaching youth in underserved communities about audio production, beat making and recording. In 2014 I began teaching at the Recording Academy of Austin, an accredited post-secondary institution dedicated to developing audio professionals, as the lead instructor for the Advanced Music Composition/Beatmaking program. More recently, in 2018 I joined the Mosaic Sound Collective in East Austin and began teaching as part of their program, freelancing for Anthropos arts school program, Casa de la Cultura Ableton lessons, doing private instruction on bass/music production and consulting.

I am always striving to learn more and develop my skills and abilities. Recently I've taken my passion for vinyl and DJing and have started performing around Austin and central Texas doing all-vinyl sets of World Funk and Cumbia. Additionally, I have enrolled in the University of Texas prestigious graduate program in Advertising/Communications to further my passion for sharing knowledge and connecting the comminities, services and products that I believe in.

It's been a long journey and I hope you can join me in it. Please feel free to peruse the musical examples, galleries and DJ mixes and please to drop me a line! If you're looking for a bassist, DJ, producer or music teacher, you've come to the right place-- GG


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