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     As a producer, engineer, songwriter and bass player I have been fortunate to have been involved in dozens of albums and scores of songs over my 25 year career in the music industry. Music that I was involved with has been used in commercials, television and movies including the Grammy-award winning "El Existential" and Grammy-nominated "Sonidos Gold". The albums below represent a partial discography of my output during my career. I've performed, produced and/or engineered something on all of these. Click on any of the album covers to hear a sample track.

     I've written music in a wide variety of genres including Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin and EDM.  Are you looking for a collaborator? I can help you take your music to the next level.


Check out my Soundcloud page for some samples of my work.

brownout oozy.jpg
Brownout "Oozy"
Bass, songwriting, engineering, production, mixing
Grupo Fantasma "Problemas"
Electric & upright Bass, keyboards, guitar, songwriting
AM7 cover.jpg
Grupo Fantasma "American Music Vol. VII"
Bass, keyboards, songwriting
A&C cover.jpg
Brownout "Aguilas & Cobras"
Electric & upright Bass, keyboards, production, mixing songwriting, engineering
Grupo Fantasma "Self-titled"
Bass, songwriter
Money Chicha "Echo en Mexico"
Bass, keyboard, accordion, co-production, co-mixer, songwriter
Homenaje cover.jpg
Brownout "Homenaje"
Bass, keyboards, songwriter, mixing, engineering, production
GF comes alive.jpg
Grupo Fantasma "Comes Alive"
Bass, songwriting, engineering, production, mixing
Brownout "Over the Covers"
Bass, production, songwriting
Brownout "Fear of a Brown Planet"
MC ME 7in.jpg
Money Chicha "The Mexican/Enfermera"
Bass, marketing
MC EIM.jpg
Money Chicha "Echo en Mexico/Animalitos"
Bass, songwriter, co-mixer, co-production
DRC .jpg
TheDowntown Rulers Club "The Downtown Rulers Club EP"
GF MP.jpg
Grupo Fantasma "Movimiento Popular" Bass, co-editor, co-mixer
Brownout presents: "Brown Sabbath Vol. I"
Bass, keyboards
Grupo Fantasma "Sonidos Gold"
Electric & upright Bass, songwriting, mixing, co-production
GF EE.jpg
Grupo Fantasma "El Existential"
Electric and Upright Bass, keyboards, vocals, songwriting, co-mixing, co-engineering
MC and DS.jpg
Money Chicha "Martes Negro"
Bass, songwriting, lyrics, co-mixer, marketing
BO La Raza Arabeesh.jpg
Brownout "La Raza/Arabeesh"
Bass, keyboards, songwriter, co-mixer, production
Daniel Johnston "Space Ducks"
Electric and upright Bass
Brownout "Berlin Sessions"
Bass, keyboards, songwriter
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